Aeration should be part of everyone's lawn program and Mac’s Landscaping is the right company to aerate your lawn the correct way. You can trust us to do your lawn care and aeration is one of those ways

Aeration rates a ten for improving your turf quality. Lawns can be aerated when needed during the growing season. There are advantages to aeration during springtime, summer and in the harvesting season. Aeration provides such benefits that it’s a standard lawn care process used on all golf courses. The benefits of aeration lasts for months. We know the process and we know the benefits of aeration. Call us today at 248.821.2040 for a free consultation and a free quote.

Aeration – a process of making thousands of small holes in the grass that allows air and water and fertilizer to get to the root area much better resulting in increased root development.

Benefits of Aeration:

  • Reduces Thatch - Thatch is a loose, intermingled organic layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface. Thatch build up begins when turf produces organic debris faster than it can be broken down. Aeration speeds thatch breakdown by mixing the soil from the cores that are pulled to mix with the thatch.
  • Makes deeper and  healthier roots - Aeration creates thousands of small growth pockets which attract the grass roots.
  • Loosens hard, compacted soils - Aeration accesses your soil.  It allows room for the soil to expand while, at the same time, creating a looser structure for the roots.


Benefits of Core Aeration:

Relieves soil compaction
Increases air, water and nutrient movement in to the root zone. 
Promotes and improves decomposition of thatch. 
Stimulates new growth. 
Improves drainage

So, as part of your lawn care maintenance contract us to seasonally aerate your lawn. The benefits, as you can tell, are far reaching and helps to maintain a lush, green, thick lawn in the warmer seasons. It also helps to prepare the ground before the winter season and jumpstarts lawn care efforts when the spring returns.  We are the professionals who will make you glad you chose us to do your aeration. Call us at 248.821.2040.

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