We’re a full service company that services homeowners and businesses in Troy Michigan and surrounding cities. We do superior quality work on your lawns and landscapes resulting in an aesthetically pleasing canvas

Yes, we are indeed the best landscaping company to do all of your weekly lawn maintenance.  We perform spring cleanups and fall cleanups for you, as well. Nobody does it better. When we install mulch for you, your landscapes are transformed into stunning designs. And our six-step fertilization is proven to make your lawn healthy, lush and green. For these and our other services call us today at 248.821.2040.

Other services that we provide for you are:

  • Grub Control: Available upon request or applicator recommendation if visible signs of grub damage. Grub damage can occur directly or indirectly. Direct damage is from Grubs feeding on grass roots, often killing the grass in ring or circular like patterns. Indirect damage is from predators i.e., moles, crows, that tears up the lawn seeking grubs as a food source.
  • Aeration: Available upon request - Helps control thatch, eliminates compacted soil, improves soil structure, enables roots to expand, decreases grass heat stress, improves root development by enabling movement of air, water and nutrients.
  • Reseeding: Available upon request – Premium blended seed applied to lawn, coordinated with weed control application to increase turf stand thickness and effectively create a healthier, greener, weed free lawn.
  • Crab Grass Control: Available upon request applicator recommendation– This is a liquid application of a product Quin-Clorax, applied to visible crab grass varieties, designed to eliminate crab grass, the pre-emergent application in April is designed to prevent crab grass from germinating, and is effective; however it does not preclude crab grass seed from spreading via airflow.

Additional Services:

So, give us a call at 248.821.2040 and we’ll answer the questions that you have about your lawn care and landscaping needs. Then we’ll do the lawn care and landscaping that you want done. We’ll show you how dedicated and passionate we are about making your property beautiful and pleasing to your eyes and to the neighborhood. You’ll see firsthand that we are professional and expert when it comes to lawn care. Our phone number is 248.821.2040. Call us today.